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Omni attend AIFF 2019

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Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF) is Australia's longest running and largest furniture buying and networking destination for the nation's leading retail chains and independent retailers. Co-located with Decor + Design the 2019 event attracted over 11,500 visitors and 330+ exhibitors in 2019.

With the development office furniture,omni bring the newest height adjustable table system and bench system

omni believed that the modern workplace must be an active one. Sit/stand is an important part of this, but many companies are struggling with how to best implement it. Historically, most companies have implemented Sit/stand by giving everyone that capability. Yet studies have shown that the percentage of employees (around 40%) who are given a height adjustable table system will actually use it.omni designed the height adjustable table system, that can be given to everyone.


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