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2024 CIFF Guangzhou × Omni丨The Popularity Is Overwhelming, And It Ends with Glory!

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The 53rd China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) has concluded successfully. Thank you for visiting Omni 4.2C28.

In 4 days, we brought a sincere, innovative and creative event, injecting Omni people's infinite love for the office furniture industry.

Omni empowers office environment upgrades with innovation, bringing new products and solutions to customers, attracting 400+ export customers to stop and negotiate, and has gained widespread attention and recognition from people from all walks of life at home and abroad.

Product Innovation

Omni has always embraced market changes with a positive attitude. Its dedication to its products has exceeded market expectations time and time again, and its technological innovations, product upgrades, and quality upgrades have demonstrated the attitude that an office furniture company should have!

At the beginning of 2024, we will take market demand as the starting point, customer demand as the driving force, and rely on our strong R&D and design capabilities to make a grand appearance at the Home Expo with new products such as HA PANEL and X.LINKER.


In Omni's showroom, you can easily find that an office space has more than one function.

Through the introduction of our team, you will further find that many of Omni's office spaces not only meet office needs, but also take into account employees' needs for rest, entertainment, privacy, etc., providing users with a comfortable and efficient new office experience, and gaining industry recognition and good reviews!

Customer Visit

Visitors were rubbing shoulders in the exhibition hall, and there was an endless stream of visitors seeking consultation, experience, and negotiating cooperation.

During the four days of the exhibition, the scene continued to be hot.


Professional Team

In order to let the customers present have a deeper understanding of the design and application of the products, our team always maintained a warm and dedicated service spirit during the exhibition, and conducted in-depth exchanges with customers from all over the world. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

To Be Continued

A happy ending is also a happy beginning!

This exhibition is not only a display of Omni brand and products, but more importantly, it is to perceive market needs and accurately focus on customer needs!

In March, Guangzhou came to a successful conclusion; in September, we will see you in Shanghai.

We will continue to delve deeply into the industry and bring more surprises to everyone.

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