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  • Metal Workshop

    Roll-form platforms

    We have three Roll-form platforms. For the cubicles components, we have one fully automatic line and one semi-automatic line. For the pedestal, we have one fully automatic line.



    1)Increase surface roughness

    2)Correct roundness

    3)Improve the surface hardness, so that the stress deformation is eliminated.

    4)Improve fit quality, prolong life of parts, but process cost of parts is reduced.



                                Semi-automatic                                                                          Fully automatic                                                                    Semi-automatic


    Automatic Laser Cutting Process Line

    We have one Automatic laser cutting machine. This is a professional pipe process tool and easy to deal with all kinds of pipe.


    1) High flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency

    2) The production cycle is short

    3) No matter simple or complex parts, laser can be used to achieve a rapid prototyping cutting

    4) Modular design has been realized, free combination.

    5) Precision CNC automatic laser tube cutting, high precision and efficiency, stable and reliable.

    6) Intelligent management system, powerful process database, to achieve high quality processing.

    7) Strong expansibility, flexible processing of all kinds of pipes, profiles and special shaped pipes



  • Automatic Power Coating Workshop

    This is a set of pure customized automatic powder coating line to meet the high quality customer’s requirement.



    1) Strong adhesion, corrosion resistance

    2) Safe and environment protection

    3) High productivity



  • Plastic Workshop

     Injection plastic machine

    Vertical injection plastic machine

    This machine is generally for small products and the max size can be 20mm

    Machine 8 sets.


    Horizontal plastic injection machine


    The max size for this machine could be 1200mm.

    Machine 60 sets.


     Extruding plastic machine

    The max size for this machine could be 150mm.

    Machine 8 lines

  • Electronic workshop
  • Plating workshop
  • Wooden workshop
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