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About OMNI

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  • We believe that knowing our customer helps us serve them better, so we lister and understand our customer. Our niche is to help our customer to manufacture consistent customized furniture parts in larger quantities by offering expect advise, R & D support and one stop solution.

  • Omnipart is considered as the furniture parts manufacturer to serve the global clients.

  • Founded in 2002, with plant of 60,000 square meters and 450 employees, we have 5 subsidiaries which covers hardware industry, wood industry, electronic industry, plastic industry and diecasting industry.

  • Omnipart’s product portfolio includes Legs for various desks and tables, components for cubicle, wire management, filing cabinet, power sockets, task lighting, soft seating and architecture decoration parts for commercial & home furniture. We can provide OEM and ODM service to domestic and overseas customers.

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One-stop manufacturer

Omni is capable to do the design & development drawing, prototyping, molds making, die-casting, polishing to plating. We build our product from quality materials including aluminium, steel, plastic and other material required by our customer, so we are able to customize your idea in various products.

High quality

Our comprehensive production is under the control of ISO9000 and ISO14001. Obviously all production process are strictly controlled. All the data was run and transmitted through SAP system from raw material to final assembly. Automatic equipments were invested to ensure the accuracy of product processing.


Omni has professional & fast service. We have experienced engineering and sales team in the furnishing industry. Fast reaction, R & D support, effective communication, all these can guarantee our customers enjoy the best service.

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No. 9 YinBai Road, Hanjiang IndustrialPark, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China




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