The mobile automatic sterilizer is designed specially for the hygienic protection in the public area. The touch free hand sanitizer dispenser helps you keep your family safe and clean and prevents the spread of germs by providing them a sanitation station publicly. The stands is composed with the snap frame, sterilizer dispenser and stable base. Snap frame is in size A4 in which in-time and important message could be showing.

Item No.: DW-MAS-1(with Snap frame)
                DW-MAS-2  (without Snap frame)



* Flat square base in 300*300*6mm

* Fixed 1.6m upright pole (3 sections upright)

* Back plate for attaching hand stanitizer dispenser(custom mounting holes can be created for orders of 50+units)

* A sign snap frame on top of the back plate as an optional.

* It is best choice in the office area, hotel, airport, station,stores, hospital and other public places.

* The dispenser can hold 1000ml of sanitizer or foam soap

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